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General Meetings
LHMUG General Meetings are normally held on the 4th Tuesday of the month in the Presentation Hall at Kilaga Springs.

If you have any questions come a half hour early (6:30pm) and "ask the tech".

The program starts at 7:00pm.


Tentative programs are in blue.

MARCH 22 Irwin - Routine Maintenance on Your Mac
APRIL 26 Jim - Web Sites
MAY 11 AGM (Joint Meeting) Charlie - "The Bells & Whistles on your
Digital Camera"
MAY 24 Ken - Shareware
JUNE 28 Rhonda - Photography in Motion
JULY 26 Ken - Highlights from the Geek Cruise
AUGUST 23 ? Music (iTunes, iPod, Airport Express, etc.)?
SEPTEMBER 27 Joint Meeting (PC, Mac, Photo) *** Arty Pomerantz PPT
OCTOBER 25 (?)
NOVEMBER 15 ? Internet Security/Identity Theft? (one week early because of Thanksgiving).